May 2013

(Posted: 22/05/2013)

Whatever you call it this topping adds something different to a basic bloomer loaf, plus the kids will love it.

(Posted: 15/05/2013)

I have always loved a muffin, cut in half, toasted, buttered and jammed…. mmmm.

I thought today I would give them a go and if they were ready in time I’d have one with a cup of tea, no more motivation needed.


I used:

(Posted: 03/05/2013)

I wanted to try making some rolls but plain white rolls seemed a bit safe so I decided on trying milk bread.

I used 500g strong white bread flour, 8g salt, 10g quick yeast, 20g unsalted butter, 300ml semi-skimmed milk and a little olive oil for kneading.

As soon as I started kneading the dough it felt very different, a lot more solid and needed a lot more kneading!